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What's The Point?- Meridian Magazine

Whether you are planning on sprucing up a room or the introducing a whole new scheme, finding it's focal point and developing the decor around it is the key to success.

But what is a 'focal point' and how do you find where it is in the room? The focal point is the object or area towards which, on entering a space for the first time, your eyes naturally gravitate.Developing this area not only gives a room a central focus, but also gives anyone who enters the room something to focus on, pause and relax. It can be very subtle, often the viewer does not notice it, but subconsciously it can have a significant effect.

A room will feel so much more inviting and be a far more comfortable space to rest or entertain in if the orientation of the room is towards it's focal point..... read the rest of the article about finding a rooms focal point

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New Homes - London News Shopper

"Are you familiar with the House Doctor Ann Maurice, the razor tongued presenter of Five's hit home series?

She has made her name in home staging. This is a process where a property is restyled and often redecorated to make it appeal to a wider market of house hunters - and therefore sell faster, potentially for a higher price.

The house doctor banishes bad bathrooms, declutters dining rooms and calms colour schemes to straighten out the chinks in the property chain.

Brian Cotsen was on a career break from personal training when he first discovered House Doctor.".....

Read the full article on the next page>>>

click on the picture to see more of the room makeover in this months magazine

Click here to see larger pictures

Click here to see larger pictures

Your Home

Camille called me in to help her do 'something' with her wasted 'box room'.

Walking into this room I could see the problem.

Two floor to ceiling wardrobes with open shelves dominated this tiny space. There was absolutely no where to put a chair, let alone anyother furniture.

Firstly I took a good look at the rest of the house and we found storage space for most of the clothes and items that were in one of the two large wardrobes.

Next we chatted about what Camille really wanted to do in the room...

"What I would love is a chill out/ hobby room" said Camille.

"My kids have the playroom and my husband has the office...but I don't have anyroom I call my own"

So we started playing around with the space, using a sheet of paper and doing some simple drawings.

What we ended up with was a fantastic space that incorporated a built in desk a day bed with built under storage, lots of shelving and cupboard space as well as a flat screen to lounge and watch DVD's or do office work on.

Take a look at the great pictures >>>

Your Home

'I would love my bathroom to be a luxurious retreat'

Naoko has lived in her three-bedroomed detached home for 10 years and has been working her way through the house re-decorating room-by-room. However, the bathroom has been the place that she has put off as she hated the decor and felt it was beyond help. From the dated rose-coloured bath suite, cork flooring and boaring wall tiles, this room was a time warp decorating disaster. I sat down with Naoko and she said she would love a hotel-style bathroom; somewhere she can relax and indulge herself!

On the plus side, the room was bright thanks to two windows and was a fairly decent size. I wanted to inject some 'hotel chic' into this run-down space and create a room that would fulfill all Naoko's practical needs. A place to get ready, with space for all her essential items and cleaning product, as well as somewhere for luxurious pampering accessorise.

Take a look at the bathroom makeover by clicking on the pictures opposite.

For more before and after pictures take a look at the home staging case studies

Your Home

"My hallway has turned from shabby to stylish"

When I walked up to Eilish O'Sulivan's Victorian terrace property I was greeted by her emerald green front door, half glazed with pretty coloured glass.

Once inside however, it was a different story.The hallway is a long corridor, typical of Victorian properties. Other than the green border running just above the skirting and a few small prints on the wall, this hallway said 'dull', 'drab' and 'dated'. Eilish just saw the hallway as a means to get to other rooms. My challenge was to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that solved all the practical problems of where to hang coats and leave wet umbrellas, as well as a place for keys, coins and post. I was also keen to add a few display items to catch the eye. I used the Victorian features of the staircase as my strting point, along with Eilishes love of vintage items.

click on the pages to see more>>>

For more great home staging before and after pictures visit the home staging case studies pages

Ideal Home wanted to follow the diary of a Property Stager. Following me on a typical home staging project they took a look at the process of home staging and what decisions are made to carry out the whole job.

This property was a drab, dated property in Swansea. The property was further hampered by the lack of furniture and soul, buyers were having a tough time imagining what they would do with the space...even if they could see beyond the very dated decor.

I could see that this would make a great family home but the whole place needed a drastic makeover.

Problem here were two fold....

  1. A very tight budget
  2. No one actually lived in the property.

I am used to dealing with tight budgets, afterall who wants to spend a fortune on a property they are just about to move from.

The lack of anyone living in the property was a little more of a challenge. Creating 'soul' in a property is a key principle in home staging.

Take a look at the home staging before and after photos here or take a look at the home staging case studies section where you will see more of this property.


Meridian often ask me to contribute to there monthly publication.

Here we take a look at the importance of creating great 'Kerb Appeal'... what you see as you walk or drive, up to the front of a property.

Whether you own an Idylic English Country Cottage or an Imposing Georgian Town House or A Hip Funky Loft Appartment...everyone will have a front door...and an area leading up to it.

Creating a desirable and welcoming introduction to your viewing is essential if you want to get the best price for your property...remember the clock starts ticking as soon as those viewers 'identify' which property they are about to view.

Read more about 'Kerb Appeal' and 'First Impressions' in my great FREE course...don't forget to sign up.

Take a look at the home & property advice section for loads of articles and ideas on creating a great home whether you are selling or staying.

Click here to see a larger image

Click here to see a larger image

Living Room Redesign

Loretta called me in to help her with her Kitchen/ Living room. The Flat is in a lovely Victorian town house in the centre of historic Brighton. With Views over the sea and lots of light I was rather surprised to find a rather ramshackle room more reminiscent of a student pad than an elegant living room.

Loretta had moved back from India recently and had very few large pieces of furniture. What she wanted to achieve was a relaxing room that echoed the feel of India in a modern urban way. Loretta wanted to have somewhere to relax, entertain friends and feel inspired to create her art.

I used warm earth tones mixed with natural materials like wood, leather, sisal and suede to create a practical space that was relaxing and visually stimulating.

Even in this small narrow room I created a conversational seating area, a place to eat and write or work at and a way of dividing the living area up from the kitchen area without lessening the feeling of space.

Clever tricks like using floating shelves for side tables, storage boxes that double as coffee tables and using the old fireplace as a recess for the dining table maximise the use of space without making the room feel cramped or cluttered.


Meridian Magazine

Space: The Final Frontier  

De-Clutter...the word didn't exist until Ann Maurice, Channel 5's House Doctor, stormed our shores seven years ago. But she's right. Clutter doesn't just use up valuable space, it clutters up our minds, slows us down and makes us miserable. I'm not suggesting every room should be spotless, with nothing on show. But the items being displayed should have some use or purpose or look beautiful, not just be an accumulation of objects that haven't been found a home.  

Clutter is something the British do to perfection. We're a nation of hoarders and can't bear to be parted with anything (just in case...) But, inevitably, there comes a time when 'space' and 'storage' become crucial issues.  

Clutter must be tackled logically. Work on one area at a time, drawer-by-drawer, room by room, and make sure you're fully prepared. You'll need boxes, bin bags, labels, pens and cleaning items. If you feel you need 'moral support', ask a family member or a friend to help.

Read the Full Article in the Home And Property Advice Section




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