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How to Do Your Own Home Staging

In June 2005 I was called by Sally & David who had a three bedroom house in North London. They wanted me to carry out a full written report with a view to them doing some of the work and The Property Coach doing those aspects of the report that they didn’t feel confident handling.

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“We knew that we could do some of the work, we just didn’t know what needed doing” says David.

“We spent a long time looking at the different companies that offer ‘Home Staging’ services, The Property Coach seem to offer a service that would give us enough information to feel confident to get on with preparing our home for selling”

I went to see them to talk through what they felt they could handle, work wise, and to carry out my survey to prepare the full written report.

The Home Staging report works room-by-room. I walk through the property, viewing it as a buyer would. I make my observations on what buyers would see and think about the space, decoration and general feel of the property. Then I make my diagnosis on what work needs to be carried out to remove any negative factors, that a buyer might pick up on, and where work can be done to enhance the positive elements of the property.


Then a full bullet point list follows with the work to be carried out suggesting new paint colours, new furnishing and furniture if necessary and any other work that needs to be done.

Finally, if the layout or furniture in the room is going to be moved or changed, then a full colour new room plan is given to help position everything correctly.

Once I had prepared Sally & David’s report I sent it to them and then, a few days later, I visited them to talk through the report and help explain things further.


Sally & David had originally thought that they would only carry out some of the work.

“When we saw the report broken down room-by-room and each room broken down into manageable tasks we felt that we could do the whole job”

The report clearly sets out all the details like wall colours, helpful ideas on how to achieve results on a budget.

“Brian really sees things from the homeowners point of view and makes sensible, logical suggestions that get results”

“We felt so enthusiastic that we got started as soon as Brian left”


I was really impressed by Sally & David’s determination and energy. They approached the whole Home Staging process logically by tackling a room at a time and within each room a job at a time…much less daunting than having the whole house in a state of chaos.

Sally & David had given themselves a sensible timeframe to get on with the work, about three months they estimated.


diy home staging“We tackled jobs we would never have thought of doing in the past, like paining the awful dark bedroom cupboards. We thought that they would need to be ripped out and replaced, but Brian could see that they had potential”

“Brian was always at the end of a phone if we got stuck or needed a bit of styling advice”

As Sally & David got close to finishing the house they called me in to spend a day with them and help plan the final bits of styling. We looked at where to hang art, how big the pieces should be, colour etc We talked through rugs, cushions and other accessories like plants and alternatives to give each room ‘wow’. Then we whizzed out to the shops and spent an afternoon finding all the things to finish the house off.


“Brian seemed to know where all the bargains were to be had, and how to find cheaper alternatives to create the same great effect”

“There were great ideas that really saved money, like how to quickly and simply recover the cheap dining chairs with some off-cuts that we found in a fabric remnants shop”

“ We cant believe the transformation, and we did it all ourselves…well with a little help from The Property Coach”

Sally & David planned to carry out the work over 3 months, but they so loved the house when they finished it that they decided to delay putting it onto the market until after Christmas.

Even better news, they had it re-valued after the work was completed and found that they had increased the valuation from £240,000 to £280,000.

The last word goes to Sally & David.

“I would definitely say that the cost of the report was worth every penny…Thanks Property Coach”

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