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Home Staging Color Scheme Book

Learn To Home Stage

Just what colors should you consider when staging a home for the selling or rental market?

Choosing the right paint colors can make all the difference to how your property feels to the buying market.

If color schemes leave you confused then you've found the solution.



Debra Gould - The Staging Diva

Staging Diva Color Scheme GuideDebra Gould, the Staging Diva, has become internationally recognized as an authority on Home Staging. Debra runs a successful Home Staging company and also trains others in the art of Home Staging and running successful staging companies.

Debra found that many of her students struggled with the concept of choosing the right color schemes when tackling staging projects.

So she developed her 'Ultimate Color Guide' to solve the problem.

What I love about the book is that it takes the guess work out of choosing exactly the right colors and it does it every time and for every room.


The Staging Diva Ultimate Guide to Color


Color Schemes For Home Owners.


Color Scheme GuideThe Staging Diva Color Guide is perfect for anyone who wants to stage their own property for the selling or renting market.

Changing the color of a room is both an expense and takes time and so you want to be sure that you get it right.

With the Staging Diva Color Guide you have complete confidence in your color decisions.

  • Ready to use color scheme palettes - Debra has put together 15 different palettes that you can use in a single room or the whole house.
  • Easy to find paints - Colors are chosen from the Benjamin Moore range so they are easy to find and use. Debra shows you how you can use any other paint range to create these perfect palettes.
Color Scheme Guide
  • Great advice on when and where to use different paint finishes for the perfect results.
  • 30 fool proof tips to choosing colors for your Home Staging project.

If you feel helpless when it comes to picking and blending colors, your answer is Debra Gould's Staging Diva Color Guide.

It just works!

To read more about the course and what others are saying about the Staging Diva Color Guide

The Staging Diva Ultimate Guide to Color


Color Schemes For Professional Home Staging Consultants


Choosing Paint ColorsThe Staging Diva Color Guide is also a blessing for the professional Home Staging Consultant because she explains:

  • How to Cover 'color' when discussing the staging project with your clients. It can be a real sticking point when clients can't visualise your suggestions for use of color. Debra shows you how to convince clients to go with your advice.

Debra has whittled down millions of possible colors to just 80 that mean you can:

  • Quickly put together a color deck that will solve all your Home Staging color scheme project issues.


Staging Diva Color Scheme GuideWhat I had trouble with when I started out as a Home Staging Consultant was coming up with usable color schemes during the initial consultation.

Now when clients ask me my advice I can quickly put a color palette together with confidence thanks to my Staging Diva Color Deck.

Find out more about how the Staging Diva Ultimate Guide to Color can help you with your Home Staging Consultation Projects and see what other staging consultants are saying about it.

The Staging Diva Ultimate Guide to Color


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