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Learn To Home Stage

Are you looking for a book or course to start your own Home Staging Business or Interior Design Consultancy?

We review some of the best online business books and courses to get your new company up and running.

Perhaps your looking for a mentor to help you develop your business.

We hope you'll find what you need here.



The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Program

The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Program

Everything you need to know
to run a successful and profitable Home Staging Business

The Staging Diva Program

For anyone who has already set up their own staging business but who is looking for ways to develop it on then I highly recommend Debra Gould - The Staging Diva™.

Based on her knowledge of running her own staging cunsultancy in Canada, Debra has developed a program designed specifically for those in the Home Staging Business.

As Debra Says

"I've developed The Staging Diva Program to give you the tools to really go for it in your own Home Staging or House Fluffing business! It's taken me 25 years to develop the marketing and business skills I share with my Staging Diva students... Plus they know I grew a Home Staging business myself from scratch."

Debra focusses on giving all her students a full business toolkit to prepare them for the real world of business as a professional Staging Consultant.

Take a look at the Staging Diva Program today

Start your own Home Staging Business

Home Staging Business Guide

If you are thinking of starting your own Property Staging business, then consider taking a look at this guide, written by Anita Kenna who runs The Homestaging Consultants Website

Take a look at the book

Useful advice on setting up and running a small business as well as offering advice on business start-ups, report writing and lots of sensible organised advice on how to get things going and growing.


Property Portfolio -

Step by Step guide to profit opportunities in the buy-to-let property market.

Click the book or this link to read more about this fascinating book and how you could start up your own 'Buy-to-Let' portfolio of properties.


Starting A Business For Dummies

You'll find me recommending the 'Dummies' books again and again.
I don't have a special deal with them but I happen to find them a fantastic tool for learning.

Most times they feel like a friend who is able to explain what they do - in your language.

Most of their books are written in such a way that you can dive into any chapter and pick it up from these.

Dummies also write for their Audience so they do UK editions, US editions and OZ editions.

This book is a no nonsense guide to get you started and organised.

Follow the guide and you'll be laying strong foundations for the future.


Creating A Website For Dummies

For many small businesses these days, a web presence is a must. You don't have to have an 'All Singing, All Dancing' website, but a page or two that tells your potential customers 'What You Do', 'What You've Done', 'What You Charge', 'Who You Are' and 'How They Can Contact You' is a powerful business tool.

For those in the Home Staging or Interior Design business customers will be looking to see what you have done for others, before they ask you to do things for them.

I really recommend to anyone, even if someone else is 'doing' the 'building' of your website to buy a decent book on the subject. You need to know basics like:

  • why your word content (the actual words you use) are so important to your website and advertising campaign.
  • How the internet actually works (in very simple terms).

Look out for my Simple Guide To Planning A Website, for a novices guide to what's important.


Getting Free Publicity

The Secrets of Successful PR

You know, this was a book that I bought one day when I was waiting to meet with a client. My client was caught in traffic and so I popped into a local bookshop and was browsing, for nothing in particular, in the business section.

This book caught my eye and I am so glad that it did.

As a result of reading this slim but informative guide I put together and landed my 'Your Home' column 'Room Rescue', my regular feature in Meridian magazine and numerous other printed articles.

This book simply explains how to plan and write effective 'Press Releases', pitches for magazines and other media. If you want really effective marketing then get yourself printed in your local or national papers...this book shows you how!


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