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What To Do Checklist On Moving In Day
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What To Do Checklist On Moving In Day.

When you are moving home you are on a roller coaster of emotions.

Moving out of your old home is a real wrench for many people. All those memories and all the history that you have known while living in your old home

Then you have all the emotions that moving to a new home will raise - excitement, trepidation, wonder, disorientation and mental exhaustion at the end of moving day.

Here are my key points to help you on the day that you move into your new home.

1. Welcome to your new home - The wait is over, you have the keys, to your new home, in your hand. Once you get to the property take a moment to enjoy the feeling that 'at last' you're in.

2. Have a quick check

In all the upheaval it is easy to forget that you have signed a contract that states what you are buying... in great detail.

I always recommend that you walk through the property and check that, as far as you can see, everything is in order and that 'those curtains' are still in place, the kitchen appliances are still in position, the door handles and taps have not been substituted for inferior ones.

If anything is not what it should be then speak to your solicitor at once... the sooner the better.

3. Tell the removal men what is going where - remember that information box your put together 5 days before moving day? Well get those signs up on the doors so that the removal men know 'which' is the master bedroom or the dining room.

4. Make the beds - It's going to have been a long day... don't wait until you are ready to drop to get around to making the beds... do it as early as you can.

5. Let the professionals do their job - Just like the packing up, let the removal company get on with the job and move you in. Use the time to orientate yourself in your new home and do...

6. Read the meters

Just as you have just done in your old home... read the meters. This means that you can show the suppliers that you don't owe a large bill left behind by the previous owners. If at all possible organise that those meters are read on the day you move in.



7. Change the locks - Although I don't want to foster a felling of mistrust, I always recommend that you change the locks on the front and back doors.

After all you don't know how many sets of keys there are to your new home.

Change the code on the alarm system as well.

8. Check for breakages

If you have a number of fragile items such as tv, large mirrors, glass furniture, delicate items... make sure that you check these on moving in. If the worst comes to the worst, and there has been damaged sustained in moving home, you can bring it to the attention of the foreman on the day.

Check that the van has been fully emptied - This way you know that what ever you can't find, must be in the house ... somewhere.

9. Pat yourselves on the back

Well done the worst is over. My advice is to get just one room into a comfortable space to sit, get everyone together and have a nice simple meal and relax.

Leave the unpacking until you are fresh and rested... until tomorrow.

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