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What To Do Checklist On Moving Home Day
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What To Do Checklist On Moving Home Day.

1. Be patient - The one thing about moving day is there can be a lot of waiting for something to happen. Waiting for the removal company to turn up, waiting for them to load the van, waiting to take possession of your new homes keys and of course waiting for all the packing to be unloaded in your new home.

Use this time by going around your home and crossing off your checklist as you move through each room.

2. Strip the beds & windows - Like everything else, make a box for each room of the home and put in the bed covers and, if you are taking them with you, the window coverings, curtains, blinds etc.

Moving can be a dusty business so I recommend that you buy 'curtain tubes'. These are plastic sleeves that are long enough to hold curtains. Put all your linen into bin bags before you pack it into the box.

3. Read your meters - Don't forget to take reading of your electricity, gas and water meters on the morning of your move. If you have time then call your suppliers with your final readings. If you don't have time then make a note in your 'moving diary'.

4. Switch off the gas, electricity and water - Before leaving for the last time turn off the services. It may be that the new homeowner won't be coming in for a day or two.

Don't forget to leave a note on how they can switch it all back on again. (you can prepare this a few weeks ahead of time and then add to it as things occur to you).

5. Children and pets - If you have organised for them to spend a day somewhere make sure that you give yourself time to do this and make sure that they have one or two favourite things to take with them. If they are staying with you for the day then organise a safe, secure play area away from where the removal men may be working.

Let older children play a part in the moving process like helping you to pack and move things.


5. Close those last minute boxes - Finish packing the bathroom and kitchen boxes, but keep close to hand for necessary use and of course tea breaks. remember that moving home is thirsty work and everyone loves the question "would you like a tea or coffee?". Buy some of your favourite biscuits to share around.

6. Here come the removal men - Once the van arrives make contact with the foreman or leader. Tell them anything essential like where they need to start or what is very fragile... then stand back and let them do their job.

Try not to interfere or tell them how to do things... it won't make for a happy move.

7. One last check - as the house empties of your belongings, work your way through it and close the doors as each room passes your checks.

8. Security - It is your responsibility to ensure that the house is left secure so work your way around the property and make sure that doors and windows are secured and locked before you leave.

9. Say goodbye and wipe away a tear!

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