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What To Do Checklist, 4-6 Weeks Before Moving Home
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What To Do Checklist, 4-6 Weeks Before Moving Home.

So the house is sold and the home move looks like it is going to happen in a month or so.

Before you start planning all that you are going to do in your new home... you have to move there.

The next few articles will help you plan what to do in manageable stages from the 1-2 month countdown to the day before the move.

If you haven't done it already... organise the removal company before they get booked up.

1. Packing & sorting - Whether you are planning on getting a removal company in or doing it yourself, everyone moving home should get to grips with what they have in their home.

It may seem like a long way away, but moving home day comes round faster than you think... especially if you have all your normal family routines that will continue around your preparations. Remember that if you have 4 - 6 weeks between now and the move then you probably only have 8 - 12 days (ie weekend days) to get yourself ready... plan on preparing a room every weekend.

Be practical... you still need to live and operate but think about packing away all those seasonal items that you wont need until you have moved. If it is currently winter then pack up all your summer clothes, holiday items, outdoor equipment etc. Vice versa if it is summer.

Cut down on your gadgets... in the kitchen you may be able to live without the chocolate fountain (I know it's hard to imagine), bread maker, juicer, magimix etc... think about paring down the crockery and glassware as well as running down the dried and canned goods.

In your living room start to pack away books, magazines, dvds and cds and even some of the kids toys and play-station games.

This is also a good time to 'let-go' and donate to charity or have a car boot sale.

2. Change of address - Its not too early to start letting people know that you are going to be moving. The worst that will happen is that the date is slightly delayed or that, if the move falls through, you have to let people know that you have not changed address.

Check out my 'Who to notify that I am moving home' checklist. Don't forget the great service offered by websites like' and ''.

3. Parking - Arrange for special licences so that you can park directly outside your old home and your new one too. Contact the owners of your new home and ask them if they have made any provision... you don't want parking fines or clamps on your moving day.

4. Notice to quit - Don't forget to tell landlords of your intended move so that you don't incur un-necessary costs. Remember that you need to be fair to them so that they can find new tenants to take your place.



5. Temporary accommodation -
It may be that you can't move into your new home the day that you leave your old... or you need to redecorate it first. If that's the case then make sure you book ahead...especially in the holiday season.

6. The Kids - Children love the idea of moving, they can become very excited. It is worth remembering that on moving day your home becomes a bit of a building site...heavy items being lifted and moved, front door wide open. Reduce your stress levels and organise the day so that your kids have a day out with gran and grandad or their best friends. But make a special event of them arriving at their new home and let them join in the excitement of unpacking their own 'special packing box' when they get into the new home.

6. Don't forget your pets -
They may need somewhere temporary to stay as well. Sometimes it is a good idea to book your cat or dog into a temporary home or with friends while you handle the move. Animals can become excited and/or distressed at all the upheaval. Best that they are out of the way for a day or two.

7. Transport - If you own a car, get it serviced... How stressful will it be if you break down? If you are relying on friends then organise well in advance. If using cabs then book ahead.

8. Run down the perishables - Over the last few weeks you have been trying to reduce to a minimum the things that you need to carry with you.

One of the biggest areas that you can run down is your food stocks. Use up all of your freezers contents so that you can clean and dry it ready for moving day.

Use up excess dry goods and store-cupboard standby's. You'll probably find a few 'out-of-date' goods that you can chuck as you go along.

This is also true for toiletries and cleaning products.

9. Have a plan 'B' - Think through the possibilities of alternative arrangements should the 'worst-come-to-the-worst'.

The next few articles are all about what to do as the 'Big Day' approaches.

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