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What To Do Checklist, 2 Days Before Moving
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What To Do Checklist, 2 Days Before Moving.

1. Packing - Try and finish the packing the day before you are due to move... I say the day before because no matter how hard you try there will always be things left to the last minute.

I always try and pack an emergency box that has a few spare essentials of clothes, music, snacks, & essential toiletries. There will always be something that you haven't got to hand but remember that you can always borrow or buy it if you really need it.

2. Food for the next two days - Remember that you are going to empty the fridge and freezer. It's not so difficult in the winter, pop milk and other fridge items in a sturdy box and put outside to keep cool (out of sunlight).

In the summer prepare some large ice packs to keep cool boxes cool for a good few hours.

I rarely recommend it but think about having takeaways on disposable plates and cutlery.... the kids will love it and there wont be any last minute washing up or packing crockery.

Keep the kettle and mugs handy at all times!

i also suggest that you make some good hearty filled baguettes or rolls (much more robust than sandwiches). Have fresh fruit and some favourite snacks for the kids.

In the summer make sure that you have a good supply of cold drinks for everyone.

3. Dismantle & Disconnect - Cookers, Washing machines, tv, hi-fi, computer. These items can take a huge amount of time to do so start early...

  • label cables before you pull them from the sockets or ports.
  • Wrap or bag sets of capble for the tv, computer or what ever so that you know what goes with which.
  • Do the same with the remotes... I often suggest a seperate box for the remotes so that there are no frustrating searches late in the evening of the day of the move.

I also suggest that you consider dismantling very large but perhaps, not so strong, cupboards. The sort of flat pack cupboards that are fine standing against a wall but could collapse if moved too much.

Don't forget to put the stabalising brackets on equipment like rad drives, washing machines and other electronic equipment... refer to your manuals.

see later articles on 'how to pack'

4. You still need to brush your teeth!... Leave essential toilettries in a box in the bathroom and only close this once everyone has finished in the bathroom on the move day.



5. Does everyone know where you are moving to? - Don't forget to make a few road maps and plans of the journey to your new home.

Make sure that you give a plan to the removal men, other car drivers and do a trial run to check that no unforseen obstacles (road works, diversions) are due to take place.

6. Have you agreed what will go where in the new property? - The last thing the removal men will need to know as they set off for your new property is "where's it all going Luv". If more than one of you are moving, decide which is the living room, dining room, master bedroom, kids rooms.... you don't want to be shifting beds, sofas and wardrobes on the eve of your move.

7. Stay connected - Are you mobiles fully charged?... you'll never find the charger tomorrow! Are they topped up with credit? Have you given the numbers to all your family and the removal guys?

8. Games for the kids - Make sure you do your best to keep them occupied and happy the day before the move and of course on the day itself. Think through what they like to do and can do with out getting in the way.

9. If you are hoping to park the removal van outside your home... Tell the neighbours so they don't park outside your front. Park your car there to help reserve space for the van. Use dustbins and cones to help cordon off the parking space.

Remember that removal vans are much longer and taller than your own vehicles.

10. Have a plan 'B' !

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