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How To Pack CDs & DVDs
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How to pack CDs & DVDs.

Being prepared for packing up your home, packing your furniture and all of your belongings is 80% of the work done. So, like every boy scout, BE PREPARED!

To Pack CDs & DVDs:

  1. Packing Tape.
  2. Small boxes.
  3. Cardboard to separate out sections of the box.
  4. Polystyrene pellets or cheap popcorn (bio degradeable).
  5. Newspaper or other cheap large sheet paper - no print is best (no ink to come off).
  6. Marker pen.
  7. A firm surface to pack on.

TIP: Packing is back braking work. Pack on a table so that you don't keep bending over.

How to pack...

Packing CDs & DVDs:

  • Choose the smallest packing boxes that you have ordered for this process of packing CDs & DVDs.
  • Reinforce the base of your boxes using strong, wide packing tape. Reinforce the seems and run the tap up the sides of the boxes.
  • Pack on their ends and place a layer of cardboard between each layer to protect the plastic cases.
  • Fill spaces with polystyrene pellets or popcorn.
  • Clearly mark this box 'CDs & DVDs'

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