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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle & Eco Living

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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle - it's becoming a bit of a mantra for this millennium. Eco Living, Green Living, Sustainable Living...what ever you call it, it's all about making more use of what we have.

Are you more eco worrier than eco warrior?

Do you feel that where ever you turn, these days, you can't open a paper, turn on the TV or flick through a magazine without the words 'environment', 'Green', 'Eco', 'Recycle' popping out?

We are all being urged to 'look at how we live' and do what we can to make it 'Greener'.

Many of us love the idea of living a greener life but either don't know where to start or worry that the changes will be difficult, time consuming and mean big compromises on the things that we love doing.

This section is designed to help you to look at areas of home life and make choices on how to make small but significant moves to a 'greener' existance. Using less of the worlds resources, finding ways to reduce what we use, reuse those things around us and recycle where possible.

In this section you'll find articles and information about ways of living a more environmentally friendly life. Going green needn't mean giving up things you love. Find ways of saving the environment and saving money too.

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Living in a greener home Do I need to redecorate?

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