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Advice, Ideas & Techniques On How To Decorating

In this section you'll find articles and information about home decorating ideas, how to decorate, decorating techniques, ideas to quickly transform a piece of furniture or a whole room.

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decorating techniques and adviceEver wanted to hang wallpaper or replace a leaky washer?

Some DIY jobs aren't hard you just need to understand the basics .

In this section we look at everything you want to know about how to do all sorts of decoarating and styling projects from simple maintenance jobs to creating art, soft furnishings and other home projects.


  • How To Make A Headboard - When styling a bedroom one of the easiest and most attractive ways of creating a dramatic focal point is by adding a headboard. Making a headboards is easy here I show you how ... read more
  • How To Position & Hang Pictures & Artwork - One of the trickiest things to get right when decoarting and dressing a room is hanging pictures, paintings and artwork. Here I show you step by step how to choose and hang artwork successfully ... read more
  • How To Paint Clouds & Sky - One of the nicest ways to decorate a fun room, childrens rooms or fantasy room is to paint clouds or sky on the ceiling or walls. I wouldn't recommend this for houses being redesigned to sell, but for other times I show you how ... read more
  • How Much Paint Do I Need? - One thing that is guaranteed when you are decorating, there will be a certain amount of wastage! But sometimes you can avoid wasting money by calculating what you will need in advance. Here's a simple formular to guaranttee that you buy just enough paint for the job ... read more
  • How Much Wallpaper Do I Need? - At least with paint you can use it in another room, if you buy too much or go out and get some extra if you don't buy enough. However when wallpapering you could have a real problem, if you buy too little and then go out to buy more you may find that the batches of wallpaper don't match. If you over purchase you may waste 10s or even 100s of pounds as some wallpaper can cost £50 and up a roll. Here's how to get your purchases right ... read more
  • What Paint Do I Use Where? - Emulsion, Matt, Satinwood, Eggshell, Dead Flat Oil, Gloss there are so many different paint finishes but how do you know which is the right one to use? Read on and find out how to choose exactly the right paint for the job ... read more


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