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How To Find & Choose The Right Professional Services & Help

Whether you're looking for an Interior Designer, an Insurance Broker, a good Solicitor or wondering how to go about choosing the right Estate Agent In this section you'll find articles and information about how to choose and find professional help & services.

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What are the right questions to ask professionals when you're looking for advice and help?

  • How much do you charge and how do you charge?
  • What professional bodies or associations do you belong to?
  • Could you explain the process that this involves?
  • Do you have professional insurance?
  • Do you have a portfolio of previous work?


  • How To Choose An Interior Designer - If you are putting your faith into one person to set a budget, spend your money and come up with the dream environment that you hope for, you had better be sure that you are choosing the right interior designer for the job. Read on to find out how to choose an interior designer who will get it right first time ... read more
  • How To Choose A Home Stager or Redesigner - Anyone can call themselves a professional Home Stager, but how do you know that the person who arrives to give you their advice knows anything about how to make a house sell faster for more? Follow my advice and learn the questions to ask when choosing a home staging consultant so that you get the results... read more
  • How To Choose An Insurance Broker - When you're buying your house your excited and thinking about the decor and the lovely life you are going to have there so it's easy to run to the first insurance broker that you find in the yellow pages or on line, but that would be a big mistake. Find out why you should take your time to find the right insurance broker and the questions to ask ... read more
  • How To Choose An Estate Agent Or Realtor - You put your house on the estate agents books, they advertise your home, they show the viewers around and you make the sale ... any estate agent can do that, right? Wrong! Find out why you should choose the right agent for your home and how to go about choosing who to use ... read more
  • How To Choose A Solicitor - Like choosing an Insurance Broker or Estate Agent, choosing an Solicitor isn't the most exciting of things to do when buying your new home. However not all solicitors are right for you. Read my guide and find out how to choose the right solicitor to get the job done ... read more


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