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Brian Cotsen - Property Coach
Home Staging Case Studies

One-Day Home Staging Makeover

My client owned a lovely old victorian coach house in London.

She and her husband and lovely little baby had decided that it was time to move to a larger home but knew that she needed to work on presenting the coach house in a more appealing way to attract the potential buyers.

Being a hands on sort of person, Ami called me in for a One-Day Home Staging Makeover.

This was an exhilarating day of decluttering, furniture rearranging and defining every room so that any viewer could see how lovely and versatile the coach house was.



This room felt cramped and cluttered and not particularly cosy or welcoming. Considering the large french windows to the garden it also felt quite gloomy.

The first part of the day was taking stock of the whole property.

Here we had a simple open plan living room and kitchen on the ground floor and two small bedrooms and bathroom on the first floor.

The house had simple cream walls and fairly attractive furnishings however there was clutter everywhere.

The first job was to pack away all of those things that were not needed between now and the move.

Luckily there was a large attic to the property and so the majority of clutter was packed into boxes and put up there.

_______________________________________ _____________________________________

Next we worked hard at defining the space in the living room. Here it was overly cluttered with no where to sit and eat a meal and an office area that needed some serious editing.

I also felt it was necessary to partition off the office area so that the room didn't feel like a work area.

The Modular sofa was originally arranged in a straight line along the back wall. By re configuring it into an 'L' shape the room felt cossier at the centre.

We worked on the lighting and soft furnishings to further create a cosy and more intimate feel in the centre of the room.

By rearranging the furniture we also created a dining area near to the kitchen.

_______________________________________ ______________________________________

Using a simple room partician/ shelving unit we were able to create yet a further space in the room for a simple office area.

Now the room has lots of added value and any potential buyer can see the three different functions in a defined and attractive way.
_______________________________________ _____________________________________

In the kitchen it was a simple case of decluttering and editting to create more surface space.

We added extra under cupboard lighting and raised the blind fully but added frosting film to the lower window to maintain privacy but increase the amount of natural daylight entering the room.

_______________________________________ _____________________________________

In the main bedroom we cleared away all the distracting things like shoes on the floor, piles of magazines and books and the baby 'nest' that distracted the eye from the attractive window.

_______________________________________ ______________________________________

By the end of the day we had redefined space in all the main rooms of the property.

There was now a feeling of space and function in every part of this home and potential buyers could see the possiblities of this being their new home.

_______________________________________ ______________________________________

Would you like to try the One-day makeover?

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