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Main Bedroom

Home Staging Case Studies

Home Staging Case Studies
















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This room was the main bedroom of the house.

Small in dimension, viewers were finding it hard to imagine enough space to house a double bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers.

Home Staging Case Studies

The lack of space was further emphasised by the fact of the door to the room opening outwards onto the lending saying 'too small to open into the room!'.

The first job was to re hang the door to open into the room.

Then a full size floor to ceiling wardrobe was installed to the right of the doorway with a simple chest of drawers alongside.

A standard double bed was positioned centrally. A low sitting bed maintained the rooms feeling of space.

To give drama to the space a simple headboard was added. The rich chocolate suede material teamed with the plum coloured blinds and chocolate and plum cushions, throws and accessories.

Simple wall hung cabinets were positioned either side of the bed.

There was even space to position a small bedroom chair.

Now the room said rich, comfortable, relaxing.

Simple wall hung bedside cabinets were positioned either side of the bed.